Hosni Saleh for “Al-Nahar”: I did not nominate anyone for “Al-Sadat” series


Director Hosni Saleh confirmed that he did not start preparing a series for the life story of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, but he is still in the stage of preparing the material that he will use in the series that he will write himself, stressing that he will choose the period of time that the work talks about.

Director Hosni Saleh.

Hosni Saleh said in exclusive statements to “Al-Nahar” that he did not nominate any artists to work, amazed by the news that has been circulated about the selection of some of them, stressing that the series is in the process of writing, which means that he did not finish the characters until he nominated artists for them, which applies to Sadat character.

The Egyptian director added that “despite the presentation of a movie about Sadat, which is the film” Days of Sadat “presented by the late artist Ahmed Zaki, this does not prevent the presentation of a series on the late leader, because the series is completely different from the movie, which may seem more difficult because Reduced and deals with a certain part of the life of the late president, but the series has more space that enables its makers to show more things in his life. ”

And about the audience’s acceptance of Sadat’s personality from an actor other than Ahmed Zaki, whom he mastered heavily in “Days of Sadat”, he asserted that “It is not only Ahmed Zaki who can present the character, and if the character was presented well and in a convincing manner to the audience, they would certainly not reject it, the percentage of persuasion A good choice of personality, accuracy in implementation and quality ratio is the judge of the success of the character.

Saleh pointed out that he did not settle on whether the series will address the life story of Sadat from childhood until his death or whether he will be satisfied with a certain period of time, which will be settled upon after collecting the entire article for the series.

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