Hezbollah: Their claim is false … There was no clash at the border!


After the incidents that took place today at the border, Hezbollah issued a statement saying:

Commenting on the events that took place today on 7/27-2020 in the occupied Shebaa Farms area and at the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, and on the news and statements circulated about these events, it says: “It appears that the state of terror experienced by the Zionist occupation army and its settlers At the Lebanese borders, the high alert status and extreme concern about the reaction of the resistance to the enemy’s crime that led to the martyrdom of the struggling brother Ali Kamel Mohsen, as well as the enemy’s complete inability to know the intentions of the resistance, all these factors made the enemy move in a tense field and media on the basis of “reckon” Every shout at them.

All that the enemy media claims about thwarting an infiltration operation from Lebanese territory into occupied Palestine, as well as talking about the fall of martyrs and wounded to the resistance in the bombing operations that took place in the vicinity of the occupation sites in the Shebaa Farms is absolutely not true, which is an attempt to invent false fake victories.

The Islamic Resistance affirms that there has been no clash or shooting on its part in the events of the day until now. Rather, it was only one party, which was the fearful, anxious and tense enemy.

Our response to the martyrdom of the Mujahid brother Ali Kamel Mohsen who was martyred in the Zionist aggression on the outskirts of Damascus International Airport is definitely coming, and the Zionists only have to wait for the punishment for their crimes.

Also, the shelling that took place today on the village of Al-Habaria and wounding a civilian’s house will not be tolerated at all. If tomorrow to its sight nearby. Victory is only from God Almighty, mighty.


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