“Her look has become shocking” .. A famous artist released from prison after commuting the death sentence


After years of absence from view, the famous Syrian actress Sabah Al-Salem appeared, revealing painful details that she went through during the past years, indicating that she was imprisoned and sentenced to death.
The artist made a fuss through social networking sites, after the appearance of age in the form, compared to her beauty at the age of youth, after one of the production companies published a picture of her to confirm that she is living and sustaining, and the picture showed the great difference that resolved its features.
And Sabah Al-Salem, today 63 years old, was known for many roles in Syrian drama in the years of the eighties and nineties, until she disappeared and people believed that she retired or died.
Al-Salem said in statements to the “The Independent of Arabia” that she lived very difficult days after being imprisoned for many years due to malicious rulings she had fabricated, after the Syrian artist revealed suspicious deals in a drug factory she was working in in Syria, so that the factory manager would take revenge on her by injecting heroin Narcotic in its own coffee cups.
After that, they submitted a report and reached the anti-drug branch, and there an officer in the branch offered her an immoral offer in exchange for not arresting her. When she refused, he fabricated several charges against her, and put her in prison for more than 12 years.
Then she was sentenced to death until a presidential pardon was issued, the punishment for which is imprisonment for 15 years, and then reduced to 8 years.
On the role of the union, Al-Salem indicated that the artists ’association affiliated with the regime did not contribute to its protection or support, but rather separated it because it did not pay the annual subscription fees.

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