Her body may not be visible forever


The happy ends seem to be achieved in the lives of some artists except on cinema screens, this is confirmed by police reports after she announced that she had lost hope of finding the body of the American actress Naya Rivera, who was lost during a cruise that took her 4-year-old toddler last Wednesday.

The public held its breath following the mystery of the disappearance of Nay Rivera, 33, during a cruise in Lake Peru, California, hoping for her return, but soon faded hope after hours of searching for her, and the announcement of the police after 3 days of her disappearance difficult to be alive.

The sad story events began when Naya published a picture of her only child, via her account on Instagram, saying “We are the only two”, one day before her disappearance, while American newspapers confirm that Naya rented a small boat with her son for 3 hours, and immediately after the boat’s return was delayed by half The time a rescue force was sent to search for them, but upon the arrival of the rescuers they found Ibn Naya asleep on the boat wearing a life jacket, while there was no trace of his mother on him or in the range of waters surrounding him, and her life jacket was also found on the boat, which indicates the possibility She drowned while swimming in a rugged area densely populated with trees and plants, which hindered divers from searching for her body.

The authorities stated that all the evidence so far does not refer to Naya’s suicide, and according to the information that the investigators were able to collect from the son of the American actress, the evidence confirms that it may have been a drowning accident, and attempts to extract the body may take several weeks, due to bad weather and lack of clarity underwater in That area, as the authorities indicated, the search forces used modern diving techniques to find any thread that might guide them to the possible sinking of Naya.

Initial investigations revealed that Naya did not emerge from the water, while investigators monitor her bank accounts and credit cards to track any effect that reveals the mystery of her disappearance in the event of a criminal cause behind the accident.

Naya Rivera is one of the most famous heroes of the series “Glee”. She married Ryanne Dorsey in 2014, but she separated from him after having her only child, Josie Hollis Dorsey, who was able to incubate him just 3 months from now, and the authorities are still searching for any trace The American actress to solve the mystery of her disappearance.


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