Hany Ramzy offers a sarcastic way to remove belly fat and eliminate belly .. video and photos


The artist Hani Ramzy presented a new ironic way of its kind, tips for removing belly fat and eliminating rumen, and posted a video through his personal account on Facebook, to a young man performing difficult exercises on his balcony, hanging from the balcony to the street to train on the abdominal muscles.

Side of the video

Ramzi commented on the video he published sarcastically: “An easy exercise to eliminate belly and belly fat”, and soon received many sarcastic comments minutes after he published the video.

the video

On the other hand, the author Mohamed Mehrez denied the fact of the news that he wrote a second part of the movie “Stupid of it in it, Which was starred by artist Hany Ramzy, explaining that he is currently authoring a film in cooperation with “Amin Jamal” and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and published a picture of him gathered by director Sameh Abdel Aziz on his page on Facebook, to announce the signing of a new movie that brings them together.

The author Mohamed Mehrez wrote, on his Facebook page, a letter to clarify the matter, saying: “To clarify to all the respected journalists brothers, the news that was circulated about our (Amin Gemma – Muhammad Mehrez) writing a stupid movie in it part 2, is not correct, and there Unambiguous happened after we signed a movie written by (Amin Jamal – Muhammad Mahrez) with Dana Company and directed by Mr. Sameh Abdulaziz, and the name of the movie and its heroes will be announced, God willing, when the writing is finished soon.

He continued: “In the name of God, we trust in God, and we would prefer it upon everyone’s good thinking. Thank you to all our brothers, the journalists, for your attention.”


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