Hamilton crowns the Hungary Grand Prix


On Sunday, British champion Lewis Hamilton won the Hungary Grand Prix, the third stage of the Formula 1 World Championship, capping an ideal weekend with a record record for the legendary German driver Michael Schumacher, with the number of wins in the same race.

After Saturday became the first driver to start from the first place for the ninetieth time, Hamilton continued to impose his dominance and the dominance of his Mercedes team on the championship, by achieving his second successive victory in 2020, and the eighth on the Hungarian circuit Hungarian, equaling a record achieved by Schumacher in the France Award (8 wins).

He finished second in the Hungarian race, Dutchman Max Verchtaben, Red Bull’s driver, against Hamilton, Finland’s teammate, Valtieri Potas, who won the first race this season in Austria.

The Briton topped the overall ranking of the championship at the expense of Potas (63 points to 58), after also snatching the point for the fastest lap in the race.

The 34-year-old raised his score to 86 wins in his career, further approaching another record held by Schumacher (91 wins), in his bid to equal another number held by the former legendary driver, is the number of titles in the World Championship (seven for Schumacher versus six Currently for Hamilton).

Verstappen was able to finish the race in second place, despite his start from seventh place, and he suffered an accident in the first exit roll to the circuit to line up at the starting line, which caused severe damage to his front wing and suspension device, his team worked to fix it in a fast time of about 7 minutes Just.

The world championship ranking reflects the vast advantage of Mercedes after only three races from the start of the season, as the German team leads the standings with 121 points, compared to only 55 for Red Bull II.

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