Hamilton “chases” Schumacher’s figure


On Sunday, the Red Bull Ring circuit in Spielberg will witness the first Grand Prix competitions for a season whose features have changed radically due to “Covid-19”, as it will witness the establishment of fewer races and hosting more than one stage, leading to the absence of the public in the first stages, and health procedures. Strict to prevent any possible transmission of infection.The start of the tournament was scheduled, as usual, on the Albert Park circuit in the Australian city of Melbourne in mid-March, before the race was canceled before the start of his free trials, after a member of the McLaren team was infected with the virus.
After receiving a response and major adjustments to the schedule, the 5th of July will be the official date for the line-up of the twenty cars on the starting line in the Alps of Styria in southern Austria.
In the absence of any cheers from the fans, the engines roar.
On the sidelines of the races will depend on health measures, including reducing the maximum number of team members to 80 people, subjecting everyone to examinations «Covid-19» four days before the Grand Prix deadline, and measuring the temperature of the participants before entering the campus. In spite of all of this, the return of competition will be a priority for the ten teams that have been absent from the circuits for a long time, in a distance that affected their financial coffers and the extensive adjustments plans that were to be adopted in 2021, but it is hoped that he did not reduce his passion for racing.
The Mercedes team is entering the competition after dominating the World Championship for Drivers and Manufacturers since 2014, with five Hamilton titles, including three consecutive in the last three seasons.
After his first career title with McLaren in 2008, 35-year-old Hamilton hopes to add a seventh title this season, to equal Schumacher’s record with Benetton and Ferrari. Mercedes’s manager, Austrian Tutu Wolf, said the waiting period for the start of the season “was unbearable.” “I missed the races and the competition is great, and the return will be great.”
Despite the stoppage of competitions on the tracks, the movement of the drivers’ transmission between the teams did not freeze, most notably the announcement of the end of the career of the four-time world champion German Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari at the end of the season, to be replaced in the next season by Spanish Carlos Sainz from McLaren. The latter’s replacement for the British team, Australian Daniel Ricciardo, will be Renault’s current driver.

The eye on Ferrari
Although these replacements will not take effect before the next season, they may affect the dynamics of the relationship between drivers of one team in this season’s championship. Of course, it will be most interesting in this context, of course, as Ferrari started, since last season, features of tension in Vettel’s relationship with young newcomer Charles Locklear from Monaco.
Despite his young age (22 years) and his modest experience compared to his German colleague (32 years), Locklear managed to impose himself strongly in the first category, won two races, and showed that he was able to become one of the most prominent drivers in the coming years.
Vettel, who won the title four times with his former team, Red Bull, between 2010 and 2013, did not directly address his relationship with Locklear after the experiments conducted by the two drivers last week in Italy, before running in the two successive race in Austria, which will be followed by the Hungary Prize. “I have no experience returning to the same circuit for a second race (during the same season), but I’ve spent enough time” in this sport, he said. “I think the ideal level will be better in the second week, and the margin of errors can get narrower.” “It will be an opportunity to review the strategy after only seven days, and this is a precedent, and let’s see how we will be able to take on this challenge.”

Tension features began in Vettel’s relationship with newcomer Charles Locklear

The first three races will be part of eight races held in Europe over a period of ten weeks only, and may be added to the ninth (from 11) round in the old continent at Mugello circuit in Italy.
Vettel mentioned the fans’ absence from the arenas, noting that “I cannot imagine how it will be.”
This circuit was known for the heavy presence of Dutch fans in it, in support of their son Max Verchten, the Red Bull driver who finished first in the race last year.
In addition to the sporting competition, Formula One this season, like many others, will be the scene of anti-racist messages, especially after widespread protests worldwide over the killing of black American citizen George Floyd while in the grip of a black policeman in the city of Minneapolis last month.
After Hamilton took the lead in criticizing other drivers for their initial silence on this issue, his Mercedes team revealed Monday the historical color change of its cars from silver to black during 2020, “as a commitment from us to promote diversity in our team, and as an explicit expression of our standing against racism and all forms of discrimination.”


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