Hamilton champion of the “Styria Award” .. And disappointment for “Ferrari” the withdrawal of its drivers!


Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes driver, won the “Great Styria Award”, the second round of the Formula 1 World Championship season 2020, which was held on Sunday at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, while Ferrari was injured. Disappointed by the collision between its two cars on the opening lap of the race, which caused the withdrawal of its German drivers Sebastian Vettel first and then Charles Locklear from Monaco next.

According to the Formula 1 Action News page, which specializes in the first category, Hamilton set out from the lead in front of Dutchman Max Veerstappen, the driver of “Red Bull”, and the Spanish Carlos Sainz, driver of “McLaren” on the opening lap, where Ferrari drivers Vettel collided Locker and each other in Turn 3, causing an immediate safety car to exit to allow the track to be cleaned of debris.

Vettel entered his team barn with the loss of the rear wing, while Locklear, who collided with his colleague from behind, needed a new front wing. The Vettel was stopped immediately, while Locklear joined the race with the floor of his car damaged, but he later withdrew.

At the start of the first stage of the race, Hamilton topped Verstappen and Sainz, Finnish Valtieri Potas, a Hamilton in Mercedes and Thai Alex Alex Albun, driver of Red Bull.
Potash Science finished third on lap 6, and Albon did the same after two laps.

Australian “Renault” drivers Daniel Ricardo and French Esteban Ocon competed for sixth place, delaying each other and allowing Sainz to move away. In the end, Ricardo overtook his teammate Okon, on the third attempt to overtake, specifically on lap 20.

Firstapen opened maintenance stops to switch from “soft” to “medium” tires on lap 24, as the team wanted to protect it from Under Kut expected from Botas, while Hamilton’s delay to the two boys was delayed, and Potash’s entry was delayed for a longer period.

Potas stopped on lap 34, and returned again behind Firstapen, but he kept his newer medium tires with 10 rolls of Firstapen.

Hamilton was comfortable in the lead, managing a time gap of more than 5 seconds for Firestapen, who was suffering some damage to the front plate of the front spoiler, and so Turnerappen’s attention turned to keeping Potas in a critical position on his new tires.

Potas entered the DRS area with Firstapen with 6 laps left to the end, as Firstapen reported his team having difficulty driving off exit # 3 due to high wear on the rear tires.

They swapped positions several times on lap number 67, as Verstappen refused to relinquish the second position without a fight, but Potas later settled the matter in his favor to finish second.

Signs suffered a poor downtime due to a delay in installing the rear left wheel in the maintenance area, losing his fifth position to Ricardo and the “Racing Point” duo where Mexican Sergio Perez climbed from 17th on the net, reaching Ricardo to finish fifth with 22 laps left. Then he chased Albon, and he started recording the fastest laps while chasing the Red Bull driver, but Albon held onto the fourth despite the friction that broke Peres’ front wing.

The McLaren team directed Signs to let British fellow Lando Norris get past him as he was much faster and on newer tires in an attempt to catch Ricardo – and Canadian Racing Point driver Lance Stroll with 10 laps left.

Stroll snatched sixth place from Ricardo in Turn No. 3, and Norris did the same and overtook the Australian Ricardo.

Norris was able to get past Stroll on the last lap, then snatched the fifth spot from the injured Peres at the last corner of the last lap, but the Mexican managed to cross the finish line before Stroll and Ricardo with his damaged car to finish sixth.

It is reported that Okon withdrew from the seventh position due to a cooling problem that caused his engine to overheat.

Source: Formula 1 Action News


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