Halima Boland comments on the decision to reserve her money and prevent her from traveling!


Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, has commented on her banning out of 10 celebrities from traveling while reserving her money.Poland first said, through her account on the “Snapchat” website, “Firstly, I would like to thank all those who asked about me in all parts of the Arab countries. Secondly, praise be to God, we are in a state of institutions, constitution, law and nobody is above the law because we are all equal and respect the integrity of Kuwaiti law.”

Halima pointed out that about two weeks ago she spoke on her program “Here Kuwait” and demanded the enactment of strict laws to fight corruption represented by the crime of money laundering, and added that today she thanks them for fighting corruption.And she continued: “By God, if I participate in this heinous crime towards my country, then I hope that I will be the first person to be held accountable and to take my severe punishment.”

The State of Kuwait banned 10 celebrities from traveling with reservations on their money, and the famous media, Halima Boland, was on the list.

The decision of the Attorney General in Kuwait, Advisor Dirar Al-Asousi, came after their bank balances swelled.


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