Haifa Wehbe settles one of her “battles” with Al-Waziri .. This is what she sued!


Actress Haifa Wehbe left Egypt to return to Lebanon after one of her “fights” with the composer and producer Mohamed Waziri was settled in her favor, for her latest film “Ghosts of Europe”, in which we cooperated together and completed its filming.

And the site “Fuchia” quoted the Egyptian artist Ashraf Zaki as saying that Haifa sent her private lawyer to attend a session organized by the Tripartite Committee with members of the Syndicate of Representative Professions and the Chamber of the Film Industry and the Syndicate of Cinema Professions to resolve the matter amicably.Zaki added: “The committee heard from the two parties the details of the crisis, and Muhammad Vaziri was obligated to an amount that I have no right to say, and the session ended with the consent of both parties.”

And news reports had circulated figures indicating that Haifa received an amount of 3 and a half million pounds other than two million pounds, which she had obtained when filming the film, as her wage for the film was 5 and a half million pounds, and not only one million pounds, as stated by lawyer Mohamed Waziri a few days ago.

In order to resolve what was circulated regarding these figures, a special source told “Fuchsia” that Haifa and Waziri had been obligated to an amount, explaining the details by saying that Haifa waived an amount of her wages for the movie “Ghosts of Europe” where it was scheduled to get 5 million pounds.

He pointed out that one of the witnesses to the contract with Haifa and Waziri confirmed that she had received two million pounds during filming already, and Haifa waived the amount of one million pounds and obtained another two million pounds, and Mohamed Waziri committed to pay them in cash.

For her part, Haifa published short videos via the “Al-Astori” feature in her “Instagram” account, confirming her return to Lebanon and her departure from Cairo Airport, amid a first victory to reckon with.

The Egyptian lawyer, Suhad Imam, the legal representative of the composer Mohamed Waziri, said in statements to the program “IT Arabia” that everything said about stopping the movie “Ghosts of Europe” and preventing it from showing because Haifa Wehbe did not receive her full payment, is not true.

A minister’s lawyer explained that Haifa and all the participants in the work received all their dues before the start of the movie, and that he had a contract to sign, revealing that Haifa received a fee for the film, which is one million pounds, explaining that her lawyer says that she receives millions of pounds for the films, but the truth is that she took Only a million pounds in this movie.

And the film “Ghosts of Europe” is starring Haifa Wehbe, with the participation of Ahmed Al-Fishawi, Mustafa Khater, Arwa Judeh, which is the story of Karim Farouk, the screenplay and dialogue of the trio Amin Jamal, Mohammed Abu Al-Saad and Sharif Yusri, directed by Mohamed Hamaki, and produced by “Al-Waziri Company”.


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