Haifa Wehbe breaks her silence after the arrest of her business manager – Fikrun wa Fann – East and West


The Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe broke her silence, and said in her first comment after the detention of Mohamed Waziri, her artist’s director of work, for 24 hours, pending investigations into his accusation of the monument, and the Lebanese star, via Story, published her account on Instagram, saying thank God”.

It is worth noting that the crisis has developed after Haifa Wehbe returned to the capital, Beirut, after a visit that lasted several days to Cairo, in light of the escalation of the dispute between her and her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri, after he sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms after he announced marriage to her, according to the newspaper today The seventh.

A dispute had arisen between Haifa and Waziri, after Suhad Imam, lawyer for Mohamed Waziri, director of the Lebanese star business, said that she had received a million pounds in return for starring the film “Ghosts of Europe”, which was filmed last period.

Lawyer Mohamed Waziri pointed out that those numbers are fixed in the contracts concluded between Waziri and Haifa Wehbe, pointing out that the artist got the amount before filming, and that what is said about stopping the release of the movie is not true, especially since his client has the right to dispose of the film because it is his property.

It is noteworthy that the Prosecution of the second police station, Sheikh Zayed, detained Haifa Wehbe, director of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe’s work, for 24 hours, pending investigations..

Police arrested the composer Mohamed Waziri, director of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe’s accusations of fraud, after several judicial complaints filed by Haifa against him by her lawyer, Legal Counsel, Yasser Kantoush, accusing him of fraud and stealing money, where he was summoned for investigation and after conducting the necessary investigations showing the validity of the incident.

The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe had written a report through her lawyer at the beginning of last May, carrying No. 17766 for the year 2020, a misdemeanor of the first city of Nasr City against Mohamed Hamza Abdel-Rahman Mohamed, famous for Mohamed Waziri, in which she accused him of obtaining 63 million pounds without the right of her property by a general power of attorney, allowing him Dealing with the amounts due to it from the producers, satellite channels and some party organizers.



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