“Graphic” Ends Muhammad Huneidi’s Dream on King Size Project


“Graphics” caused the end of the artist Mohamed Heneidi’s dream of presenting a film about the famous “Mind of the Finger” character, which he stated more than once that he dreamed of making. Indeed, a film project called “King Size” was prepared, but the project was halted due to the inability of any production company in Egypt to produce it because of its complete dependence on graphics, where Mohamed Heneidy will appear in the size of a small finger mind and all the things around him are large throughout the period of work, which is what It will take time, effort and large production costs.

Heneidy was adhering to the implementation of the work despite knowing that there are difficulties in its implementation, but he found that the producers are not enthusiastic about him despite the quality of the film, but it is related to a production cost because the film will not achieve the revenues that make the producer achieve a good profit even if he achieved revenues Large, on the contrary, it can cause losses.

Heneidy is currently awaiting the plan of the “Justice Group” company in the coming Ramadan to know his fate with them about his presentation of the second part of the series “The Land of Hypocrisy” or not, especially as he was supposed to film and show the series in Ramadan 2020, but it was postponed. If the “Justice Group” company does not decide to produce the series, Heneidi will begin filming another movie.

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