Google exemptes retailers from registration fees to compete with Amazon in the field of e-commerce


23 minutes ago

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San Francisco – DPA: The American internet services giant, Google, announced the cancellation of the commission it gets from retailers in exchange for registering their goods on its e-commerce platform, as part of its efforts to challenge Amazon’s control of the e-commerce market. And “Google” imposed a commission on companies in exchange for registering their goods on the application “PayWays Google” for electronic shopping, as it allows buyers to buy goods through the site “Google” instead of sending them to an external online store.
And the percentage of commission earned by Google ranged between 10 and 15 percent of the value of sales compared to the prices of “Amazon”.
Google’s online shopping pilot project begins in the United States before it is expanded internationally. The website “” specializing in technology issues pointed out that the apparent goal of Google’s step is to enhance its e-shopping service by attracting sellers to register their goods on the “Buzz with Google” and other platforms instead of escaping from them because of Additional fees imposed on them.
Bill Reddy, head of the company’s trade sector, said that canceling the commission means removing a major obstacle for merchants joining the shopping platform because it eliminates the recurrence of the commission “now they can join the platform easily.”
At the same time, consumers will benefit from this move by increasing the number of goods and products offered that they can see while searching on Google. In this case, Google can try to persuade sellers to post paid ads on Google’s platform.


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