Good news is waiting for a British vaccine against Corona


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British media have reported that there are expected to soon announce significant progress in vaccine testing against the emerging corona virus, which is being developed by Oxford University in cooperation with AstraZeneca.

“I hear positive news will come soon (and perhaps tomorrow) regarding preliminary vaccine tests,” Robert Beeston, political editor of Britain’s ITV media, said in a report published by The Spectator magazine on Thursday. Millions of pounds.

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The editor pointed out that preliminary data on clinical trials of the vaccine will be published in the Lancet medical journal, adding that “the new vaccine probably succeeded in provoking the response of antibodies, and T cells alike, and this is what researchers were hoping for.”

He noted that the effectiveness of the new vaccine can only be established within the framework of the third large-scale phase of clinical tests, which is currently being implemented in Brazil, in order to assess the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

The editor quoted an informed source referring to the importance of stimulating the response of T cells (also known as killer cells) in the framework of any vaccine tests against corona, saying that “despite the focus of most research on provoking the response of antibodies, there is more and more evidence that the response of cells T is also very important for protecting people from the Corona virus. ”

“The new vaccine production on a large scale, in the event that the tests are finally successful, may be launched in September,” Pistin said, noting that an effective vaccine against any virus has not yet been produced in such a short period, and researchers may face problems New in this way.

Source: The Spectator


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