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Good news about Corona’s new treatment, today, Monday 20 July 2020 02:58 PM

Initial results from clinical trials indicate that a new treatment for the emerging corona virus greatly reduces the number of patients requiring intensive care.

According to the BBC, the treatment, developed by the British company “Synergin”, depends on a protein called “interferon beta”, which is produced by the body when infected with a viral infection.

And with the use of sprays, the protein is inhaled directly in the lungs of SK patients, to stimulate their immune response.

And the company conducted its experiments on 101 people with coronavirus, where half of the participants were given the new drug, and the other half got a placebo, in order to know the difference that will happen in the health of the two groups.

Initial results indicated that treatment reduced the risk of deterioration in these patients by 79 percent.

“Synergin” confirmed that patients who underwent treatment trials were two to three times more likely to recover than others, and that their health condition did not deteriorate but rather they were able to perform some daily activities during their illness.

The company added that the trials also indicated a marked decrease in dyspnea among patients who received the new treatment.

In addition, the average time that these patients receiving the new drug spent in hospital decreased by a third, according to the company.

“These results constitute a major breakthrough for the treatment of Corona patients in hospitals,” said Richard Marsden, chief executive of Cineergen. We did not expect much better results from this. ”

Marsden indicated that the company will present its findings to medical regulators around the world in the next two days to find out the additional information they need in order to agree to treatment.

This process may take months, although the British government, like others, has said it will work as quickly as possible to obtain approval for promising treatments for the Coronavirus.

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