Good news .. 3 simple things that will prevent the spread of corona


A recent research study revealed 3 things that had been adhered to, and the emerging “Corona” epidemic would not have spread increasingly around the world.

The researchers, the authors of the research, which was recently published in the medical journal “Plus” said that “self-imposed measures” have the potential to limit the spread of a “major epidemic” if they are adhered to by more than 50% of people, namely washing hands, and wearing a face mask , And social spacing, and for researchers to reach this conclusion, they developed a transmission model that helped them assess the impact of these safety methods.

The findings led the team to other key findings, such as if governments close their doors early, this would delay the peak in cases but not reduce it.

The study also found that intervention for a period of 3 months would delay the peak 7 months at most, and if the physical distance imposed by the government is combined with awareness of disease and personal steps, the height of the peak can be reduced, even after the government raises orders for social separation.

The study concluded that “in addition to policies related to social divergence, governments and public health institutions must constantly raise awareness among people to adopt self-protection measures with proven efficacy in order to successfully treat (COFED-19).”

In an interview with CNBC, Dr. Anthony Fossey agreed that strong public health practices are a key part of containing the virus and not spreading it widely.

He said: “I think that with a mixture consisting of good measures on public health, a degree of universal immunity, and a good vaccine, we will be able to control the Corona virus, whether this year or next year, I am optimistic that we will achieve that mix.”


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