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Saraya – Pak Kedong, the WHO representative in Vietnam, spoke about the results of the study of the new strain of the emerging corona virus, which was recently discovered in Da Nang, Vietnam.

“The spread and severity of the disease have not changed. Currently, there is no evidence that these mutations in the virus cause an increase or decrease in the aggressiveness and virulence of the virus (its ability to cause infection and death of the organism),” Kedong said, speaking on VnExpress website. In the emergence of stronger and larger symptoms of the disease in infected people.

Earlier, Da Nang city authorities had announced an outbreak of Covid-19 disease there, and according to them, talk of an “aggressive” type of virus that is rapidly leading to serious cases. Authorities say two out of every 4 people need lung ventilation. To date, a total of 42 cases of this type of virus have been recorded, 37 cases in Da Nang

This caused serious concern in Vietnam, entry and exit from the city was prevented, and scientists began studying the new type of virus

The Vietnamese virus, similar to the virus that spread around the world in July. Speaking of the D614G mutation, due to which about 70 percent of injuries occurred in the world, and in Europe – almost 100 percent, and this mutation is characterized by a strong toxicity

The latitude applied “east”: Press here


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