Gigi’s father and Bella Hadid publish a document proving his lineage to the family of the family .. Witness


American businessman revealed from Palestinian rootsMohammed HadidOn a document proving that his lineage from his mother’s side (Al-Dhaher Al-Omar Al-Zaidani) extends to the Al-Bayt family, through a photo he published through his account on a social networking site.

It turned out that this document was issued by the International Scientific Center for Documentation, Manuscripts and Genealogy of the Supreme Council of the Hashemite Supervision, and was issued in 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The text of the document states that the proportions of (Al-Thaher Al-Omar Al-Zaidani Al-Idrisi Al-Hassani) have been reviewed and the documents in their possession, and after scrutiny and investigation it was found that they are among the honest families of the correct proportions whose true and honorable lineage to the family was proven.

It is noteworthy that the businessman “Mohammed Hadid” is the father of models Gigi and fashionBella HadidAnd, two of the most famous models in the world, and works in the real estate development and is known for building luxury hotels and palaces, especially in the neighborhoods and high-end areas of Los Angeles County, California.


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