Ghosn paid 862 thousand dollars to those who took him out of Tokyo


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Ghosn paid 862 thousand dollars to those who removed him from Tokyo, today, Thursday, July 9, 2020 09:05 am

Ammon – Lebanese-French-Brazilian Carlos Ghosn was removed from Japan last December, costing him more than $ 862,000, which he paid to a company run by one of those who helped him leave Tokyo to Istanbul, and from that same day to Beirut, according to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported yesterday .

This new information is contained in data and documents provided by the Japanese judiciary to an American court, which is currently considering the case of Michael Taylor, 59, and his son Peter, who has been imprisoned with him since they were arrested on May 20, Massachusetts, after Japan requested that they be extradited to court, to help Ghosn escape. From Japan banned from leaving, which makes them responsible for violating its immigration laws.

The documents submitted, according to the newspaper report, indicated that last October (through other people) Ghosn made two transfers from a Paris bank account, totaling $ 862,500 to Promova Fox, which is run by Taylor and his 27-year-old son.

The two transfers, according to the documents, “show the relationship between the former president of Nissan and Renault, and those who helped him flee on December 29, when he was transferred to Turkey, where he stopped for some time, then left for Beirut, where he still refused to disclose how he escaped.” , After he was released on bail in Japan, but admitted that he had received help from unidentified parties.

As for the defense of Taylor, he believes that violating the bail in Japan is not a crime, so he rejects Japan’s request to extradite Ghosn, who was arrested on November 19, 2018 in his capital, on charges of committing financial irregularities during his term as President of Nissan Motor Company, and then managed to escape months before the trial began.


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