George Wassouf: I do not sell those who were “ten years old” together!


After an interruption in the concerts, the artist George Wassouf returned to the stage with his first online concert organized by “Rotana” Company for Audio and Video under the direction of the General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the director Camille Tanios. For nearly two hours, Wassouf sang his old and new songs.

During the concert, Wassouf revealed the feelings that he was experiencing as his first experience at online parties, saying: “I do not hide from you that the online experience for me is new, but I have great joy in my heart that I have been in touch with my beloved ones, direct them with joy, and rejoice in them and rejoice in them … This idea is really an intelligent and thoughtful person. ”

He also talked about his relationship with the company “Rotana”, and he said: “As for Rotana, I already consider myself a stone of its foundations, and I have all the confidence without any doubt that they love me from their heart. In return, I have all the love of my heart and especially the beloved CEO of Salem Al-Hindi With whom I have had knowledge and friendship since 1980, before he became president of Rotana.

He added: “Although we are friends … but this does not prevent that from time to time small differences occur between us, the important thing is that what is in the heart remains in the heart, and it is known to me that I am a human being, no matter what happens, I do not sell whoever brings me” ten years “and sweet days. And, God willing, he will become in a new cooperation with Rotana, and everything with a good time .. In short, Rotana means me.

Likewise, Zof and Zuffh made a good news for his fans, announcing that he has new singing works that he finished, and one of them will release it soon via social media.


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