George is tired of “Hamroujah” mtv … and the result is the divorce of the two brothers, Ghanem!


Zakia Al Dirani – News

When Michel Murr, the chairman of the MTV channel, decided to contract with Marcel Ghanem to present the “Time is On” program (every Thursday 21:45), he asked George Ghanem to put his hand in the hand of his brother. On that day, Al-Murr tried to play on the family’s chord, and told George what it meant: “If you don’t participate in the program next to your brother, then you are contributing to thwarting the project that he cannot take off.” After many weeks of give and take in which mediators from various parties interfered, George agreed to participate in a paragraph. Reluctantly, the presenter, whose name featured on the LBCI channel, announced that he had opened a new page in his career after moving between newscasts, documentary production and consulting work. For a year, Ghanem appeared on the screen, invoking the political archive in Lebanon, focusing on economic developments between yesterday and today. After the demonstrations of last October 17, the equation has changed dramatically in “the time has come.” The two brothers turned into “a certainty for the banks”, each in his own way. Sometimes George defends her and acquits her of the charge of stealing people’s deposits, and at other times, he attacks her without being harsh. Since the program is based first and foremost on financial support from banks!

Knowing that some of these banks were demanding the presence of George in the project to talk about its crisis, in exchange for buying advertising space within this TV program.

The scene itself has been repeated every week, but in the recent period the criticism rose and became more intense, and accused the “It is Time” program to drown in and around the sectarianism and masculinity that came out of Marcel’s mouth in a provocative and repulsive manner. Which offended the image of the program and the public’s respect for it, and viewership declined. Yesterday, Thursday, from George Ghanem, he submitted his paragraph announcing that he had left the program. Al-Akhbar learned that George refused to continue his work in “the time has come” because of changing the content of the program that underestimates the pain of the people, especially in the recent episodes that were dominated by shouting and skirmishes between the guests, which did not get the program out of its framework that was determined initially, and turned into a platform for the slandering of the charges, amid Talk about a heated debate between the two brothers about the content. And the tense political status quo seems to have pushed George to make his choice. In contact with the newspaper “Al-Akhbar”, the journalist and political analyst justified his withdrawal in one sentence: “The climate of the country no longer liked me, and there is no benefit left from talking.”

On the other hand, “Al-Akhbar” learned that the mtv supervisors asked Marcel to keep up the tension and play on the sectarian string, to send political messages with inflammatory goals. Although Michel Murr tried in recent hours to put pressure on George to return to the program, his efforts were unsuccessful. For him, “the time has come” to leave!

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