George Floyd: Twitter deletes the use of the words “Syed”, “Abd” and “Blacklist” to combat racism


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Experts say that replacing words can cost companies millions and take months

Twitter for social media has taken a step to delete the words “master”, “slave” and “blacklist” because of its association with racist suggestions in favor of using a more comprehensive language.

These words are frequently used in programming rules that have arisen decades ago.

The American “JP Morgan” Bank also announced a similar step, while many companies are tackling racism in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an African American citizen, by the police in Minneapolis.

Experts say that replacing words can cost companies millions and take months.

The word “master”, in the programming language, refers to the basic version of the programming instructions that control “slaves” or mirrored copies, while “Blacklist” refers to a description of automatically rejected items, which usually represent blocked sites.

On Thursday, the Engineering Department posted on Twitter a tweet of the set of words it wanted to “avoid using in favor of a more comprehensive language”, and the list included replacing “whitelist” with “allowlist” and “master / slave” with “leader / Follow leader / follower “.

Last month, Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder, donated $ 3 million to “Know Your Rights” camp for American footballer, Colin Kipernick,In order to “promote freedom and prosperity” of minorities.

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Facebook platform faces widespread advertisement boycott campaign “Stop hate for profit”

JPMorgan said that it also abandoned the old coding words in light of the invasion of the “black life is important” corporate world, and added that the terms show its use in some of its technical policies and programming rules.

GitHub, the world’s largest software developer website, said last month that it was changing the term “master” in its markup language.

The company, owned by Microsoft, is used by 50 million developers to store and update their codecs.

Google’s Koromium web browser and the Android operating system encouraged developers to avoid using the “blacklist” and “whitelist” menu.

International brands are studying carefully their logos and product names to avoid any stereotypes.

Companies with well-known brands have said during the past weeks that they will change or decline their brands, including the “Quaker Oats” brand, which it says will rename its food product “Aunt Jemima”.

Meanwhile, social media platforms are under pressure to deal with hate postings.

The Facebook platform faces a massive advertising boycott by the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, which joining Ford, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Starbucks has added to the campaign’s weight, which aims to remove Any hate content posted on social media platforms.


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