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General / Jupiter with a high gloss is approaching Earth by about 4.14 astronomical units .. Tomorrow, the Saudi Press Agency


General / Jupiter with a high gloss is approaching Earth by about 4.14 Astronomical units … tomorrow

Monday, 11/22/1441 AH corresponding to 13/07/2020 A.D.

Riyadh, 22 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1441 AH, corresponding to 13 July 2020 AD, SPA
God willing, Jupiter will fall tomorrow, Tuesday, at its closest distance from Earth, estimated at 4.14 astronomical units, equivalent to four times the sun’s distance from Earth, and will reach its highest luminosity this year at a rate of 2.75.
Dr. Hassan Muhammad Asiri, President of the Department of Astronomy and Space at King Abdulaziz University, explained this to Wass. He said: When the encounter is placed, the Earth is located between the sun and Jupiter on one straightness in space, and then the planet appears on the eastern horizon at the same moment that the sun sets, and is counted Corresponding mode is the best time of year to monitor the planet.
He pointed out that Jupiter is the third brightest celestial body at night in the solar system after the moon and Venus, indicating that it can be seen these days with the naked eye in the east after sunset and remains throughout the night until it falls under the western horizon before sunrise, and this year Saturn can be observed Next to Jupiter throughout the night.
The large red spot is one of the most distinguishing features of the planet’s surface, in addition to the belts extending on its level. The planet follows a large number of moons, using the telescope to see four of them, which is the largest among the moons of the planet and is called the Galileo moons, including Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system.
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