Gates: Corona treatment should be provided to the most in need, not to the highest bidder


Reuters Toru Hanai

Bill Gates

American billionaire Bill Gates has called for financial interests to be placed side by side on the issue of distributing drugs and vaccines against the emerging coronavirus in the regions most affected by the epidemic.

The founder of “Microsoft” company, which had previously predicted in 2015 the emergence of a new global pandemic, during a virtual conference on the virus known as “Covid-19” organized by the International Society to fight AIDS, he said: “If we allow drugs and vaccines to go to the one who pays the highest price And not to the people and places most in need of it, it will lead to a longer-term, more unjust and deadly pandemic. ”

He continued, “We need leaders who make such difficult decisions of distribution based on justice and equity, and not only based on factors driven by the market.”

“One of the best lessons the world has learned from fighting HIV and AIDS is the importance of building a large and fair global distribution system in order to ensure the delivery of medicines to all,” said the billionaire, known for his charitable activities.

Source: Reuters


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