Full details of the “Voice of Resilience” ceremony .. Lebanon addresses the world from the city of the sun



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In an exceptional event and night, the sound of music filled the Lebanese city of Baalbek, and it was heard throughout Lebanon, conveying a message of steadfastness to the world, challenging all the difficult economic and social conditions in the country, in addition to the Corona epidemic that also afflicted all countries of the world.

On the centenary of the proclamation of the Greater Lebanon State, where it was supposed to celebrate this occasion with a bouquet of activities and parties that prevented the conditions from being implemented, the only music celebration with distinction came from the Temple of Bacchus in the heart of the city of the sun where the ancient castle of Baalbek, which was receiving annually the most famous and famous artists.

More than 170 singers and singers participated in the ceremony, in an initiative the first of its kind in the world since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

As Baalbek’s concerts received thousands of viewers and listeners on the nights of its annual festival, the festival committee chose this year to organize it without an audience in implementation of the measures to prevent the Corona epidemic, so that the music could reach the homes of the Lebanese and the whole world through TV channels.

The concert was universal at all levels and even exceeded all expectations, especially since the preparations began work on it 3 weeks ago, as the Lebanese were waiting for them and started interacting and promoting it through the hashtag “Ali (raise) the voice”, which is issued on social media, and the Lebanese expressed their joy in this event in Shadow of all the crises they live in.

On this night, Lebanese television channels unified and broadcasted all of the concert except for the TV channel “Al-Manar” of the Hezbollah terrorist militia, which is listed on the lists of international terrorism. The ceremony was also broadcast on the front of the National Museum in Beirut, and advertisement screens in the city center, specifically on the Ring Bridge Which has long witnessed popular demonstrations, to screens to convey the ceremony.

The ceremony, which started with the music of the Lebanese national anthem, included music clips for the Rahbani brothers, songs for Mrs. Fayrouz, and a music clip for the Lebanese artist Gabriel Yard from the movie Gibran Khalil Jeeran, with the participation of the artist Rafik Ali Ahmed.

This is in addition to displaying drawings of children between the ages of 5 and 10, revealing their vision for the future of Lebanon, as well as the scenography included pictures from the archive and visual creations, by artist Jean-Louis Mange, according to the head of the Baalbek International Festival Committee, Nayla de Freij.

De Freij told the Lebanese National Information Agency: “We are in festivals, the greater the difficulties, the more our determination and our insistence that we continue our path against the odds, and we will remain steadfast and perform our cultural message in Baalbek.”

She added: “This year we were attending a mini-festival because of the financial situation and the country’s situation, and it included a foreign concert with the French National Orchestra, a tribute to Beethoven on his 250th birthday, and there was a great Lebanese work on the occasion of the centenary of the Greater Lebanon State, but everything stopped due to an epidemic Corona, health problems, people quarreling in homes, and air traffic stops at the airport. ”

She pointed out that the idea and project of the ceremony was at the initiative of the leader of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro Harot Vaseline, an initiative that was welcomed and ready for participation by all concerned, in addition to the support and encouragement of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.

De Freij concluded: “The work is audio and visual and its idea is exceptional, and we chose (Voice of Resilience) a name for the work to signify this cultural and artistic cry that confirms that this sector must not be stopped by difficulties and challenges, and it does not die, it must be noted that the participation of all musicians, artists and technologists The media and advertising companies came without money, and this shows solidarity between the Lebanese in this cultural sector, not only in the Baalbek festivals, but at the national level, and the culture sector must complete the journey, as it is the pulse of Lebanon and the creativity of the Lebanese.

In turn, the Maestro Vaseline said: “We lived all months ago under a black cloud and no one had any hope, for myself I was sure that this crisis will pass and we will overcome it, and from the first moment I thought that this work should not be just a concert, but a message for all the Lebanese and for all The region, and now our message has reached all over the world and we have confirmed the existence of a cultural musical life during and after Coffed-19, and these temples in Baalbek tell me we missed and we want to rejoice and sing and dance with you. ”

He added: “We want to prove to the world again that Lebanon, which appears as a point on the map of the world, can export the Lebanese artistic and cultural passion and vision of them and demonstrate that our steadfastness is greater than the size of our country, but rather the size of the world.”

He explained that tonight’s concert was attended by more than 170 singers and singers in the course, and this did not happen in the whole world. In Europe, they present concerts in which only 30 or 40 people participate.

He continued: “I wanted to achieve the difficult with this large participation, taking into account the divergence between the players in the orchestra. We did this work for free because the message is much more expensive than financial returns.”

For her part, the supervisor of the preparations, Tania Abu Maree, affirmed commitment to the preventive measures and measures adopted by the World Health Organization and the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in the face of “Covid-19”, during the exercises and during the ceremony in which an integrated medical team from the Lebanese American University was present to measure the temperature at the entrance , Distributing gags, and ensuring compliance with preventive measures.

Before the start of the celebration, the Lebanese Minister of Culture, Abbas Mortada, visited Baalbek, and said: “The great title under which this celebration takes place is the first centennial anniversary of the proclamation of the great state of Lebanon, and we confirm from Baalbek Castle the life, joy, and hope of this country, and we present a wonderful model for the Lebanese, which enters To their homes because of the health conditions and conditions that prevented the festival from being revived in the presence of the public. ”

He stressed that “despite all the difficult circumstances, and despite all the crises that exist in the country, we are a people who loves joy and life, and I assure the Lebanese that all this tremendous work and efforts made are free of charge.

For his part, the Governor of Baalbek, Bashir Khadr, said: “Today, the Ministry of Culture and the International Baalbek Festival Festival, which is one of the oldest festivals in the Middle East, are sending a message from the most ancient cultural edifice in Lebanon, the castle of Baalbek, a message of hope to the hearts of the Lebanese, and today we are in dire need of hope and to Any positive indication, in light of these difficult, exhausting and painful circumstances, which we are going through. ”

He concluded: “Today we reduce pain even for one night, to send a message that we will not allow these conditions to defeat us, but we will overcome it and prevail over it.”


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