From a fight to a crime: How were two Egyptians killed in Saudi Arabia?


Social media has become anger in Egypt, after the news of the killing of two Egyptians was circulated by a Saudi citizen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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According to the Egyptian Ministry of Immigration, two Egyptian citizens, Adel Abdel-Imam Hussein, was born in 1983, and Izz al-Din Muhammad Abdel Shafi was born in 1967 by a Saudi citizen in the city of Riyadh.

The Egyptian Ministry of Immigration said, through a statement published on its official page on Facebook: “Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shahid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs abroad is closely following the killing of two Egyptians working in the construction field, by a Saudi citizen, after a fight broke out. Sharp between them and the Saudi citizen turned into a criminal crime, while doing some construction work in a building owned by the Saudi citizen.

Abdul-Shahid confirmed that “the perpetrator has confessed to the murder and surrendered to the Saudi authorities,” noting that the two bodies had been seized because of the ongoing investigations.

The Minister of Immigration called on citizens not to be drawn into any unaudited news on social media, stressing the immediate follow-up of any incident to citizens abroad by all relevant state agencies.

The minister said that such incidents are issued by an individual and do not reflect the Saudi community, which treats the Egyptians as brothers and sisters with whom they have historical ties, adding: “We trust the Saudi judiciary and the perpetrator will receive his punishment according to the laws governing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Egyptian activists expressed their anger on social media, in light of the repeated incidents of aggression against Egyptians abroad.

The latest of which was a Kuwaiti citizen’s assault and slap in the face of an Egyptian expatriate.

Egyptian journalist C. Salama Abdel Hamid said: “Days after the cashier hit Walid in Kuwait, and before that an Egyptian worker on a Kuwaiti farmhouse, who was an Asian thief, killed a Saudi, and killed two Egyptian workers.”

A number of Egyptians called on the communication sites to escalate to reach a fair ruling in the case, and they appealed to the Saudi state to punish the murderer.

Dr. Raja Al-Sawy said: “After the attack on an Egyptian in Kuwait, today in Saudi Arabia, Izz al-Din and Adil from the village of Al-Butha, Nagaa Hammadi, a dispute occurred between them and the employer who started hitting them with fire.

We must have a stand and escalate the issue in order for the martyrs’ right to return. ”

For their part, Saudis demanded that the Saudi government punish the perpetrator, considering that Saudi Arabia is a country of justice and law.

Aref Al-Omairi said: “Their right is, and God will bring them, God willing, and he will promise the government. He will not shorten them, and God will have mercy on them, Lord, and forgive us.”

The Egyptian Community page in Saudi Arabia on Facebook mentioned the details of the incident, citing eyewitnesses.

The community confirmed that the victim was working in the finishing works of the perpetrator, and when the Saudi citizen asked them to repair the pipe of a waterfall, he was supposed to have a cap on it, they refused his request, saying: “We are carpenters and we did not work and it is normal after the concrete is seized, but this is plumbing “.

The page added that the perpetrator “left them to complete their work, and then he returned shortly after, carrying an automatic rifle, and shot them, until they passed away, may God have mercy on them, and count them as martyrs.”


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