Fraud operations by employees of an Emirati oil trading company



The legal representative of “GB Global” for the oil trade said in a letter to the company’s clients on its behalf that the UAE-based company revealed internal fraud and filed criminal complaints against a number of its employees.

Aaron Abraham, legal adviser and partner at Salam Lawyers and Legal Consultants, said in a letter: “A few employees colluded with external entities exploiting (general isolation measures) for Covid-19 and arranging home-based work to defraud the company and its clients.”

He added that “Salam Lawyers” advises “GB Global” on “the ongoing internal investigation”, confirming the letter that was sent to a number of the company’s clients last week.

He pointed out that based on preliminary investigations, “criminal complaints were filed against a few employees in Sharjah and Fujairah.”

The letter stated that a detailed detailed investigation on fraud methods, “individuals and entities involved, and the impact of fraud” on the company’s activities.

GB Global is a global marine fuel supplier, and the company has offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Source: “Reuters”


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