Frankly Site – The Stars website – Bon Voyage clip by Carole Samaha continues the journey of millions


The Lebanese star Carol Samaha’s video clip, Bon Voyage, continues the journey of success and progress after the work has crossed the four million mark on the company’s official Lifestyle Studios channel through YouTube.

On this occasion, “Samaha” received a series of comments congratulating the success of the complete integrated work produced by Lifestyle Studios Studios, the pioneer in the comic business.

The song “Happy Journey”, in Arabic and French, lyrics by Carole Samaha, Kamel Khairbik and Lyon, composed by DJ Youcef and Yan Perry, distributed by DJ Youcef, Mix, and Masterring Roger Abi Akl, and the clip was signed by director Batoul Arafa, which presented Carroll in a different, spontaneous and joyful manner.

And the Egyptian director has previously revealed that the owner of Lifestyle Studios Studios, businessman Fahd Al-Zahid, contributed to putting an end to the clip, which gave a playful spirit to the clip and increased its joy.

To respond to the official page of the company on Twitter on Batoul’s tweet, she said: “We thank you for this appreciation and commend you for your creativity and professional outlook for producing a video that dazzles the audience.”


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