France seeks to avoid re-imposing public quarantine in the face of the “second wave”


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                French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Saturday in an interview that, in light of fears of the second wave of Corona virus, the priority remains to avoid re-imposing the public quarantine, justifying that such a step would be "catastrophic", both on the economic or social level. .

                                    <p>French Prime Minister Jean Castex told Saturday "<a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Nice Matin</strong></a>It is "above all else to avoid re-imposing a public stone" in a confrontation <a target="_blank" href="إعادة-فرض-التدابير-الصحية-في-عدة-دول-وسط-انتشار-فيروس-كورونا-على-نطاق-واسع" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Corona Virus</strong></a>, Saying that such a measure would be "disastrous" on the economic and social level.

“We now know what this leads to,” Castex said in an interview published by the newspaper on its website. “Such a measure definitely breaks the spread of the epidemic, but it is disastrous on the socioeconomic level, including on the mental health of some of our citizens.”

The French official added that “the priority is now and remains prevention”, but he denied that the re-imposition of the stone “a prohibited phrase”, seeking to reassure the country about the epidemic.

In the same regard, Castex asserted in the exclusive interview that took place during a visit to the city of Nice (southeast), focusing on the issue of lack of security, that “even if the number of injuries returns to the height, they remain at low rates compared to the countries around us and the number of Those who enter hospitals remain at a manageable level. ”

The French Prime Minister also said that if there is a need to re-impose the isolation, “it may take place in very specific places,” stressing, “We will adapt to that.” “To fight this epidemic, there are simple things that we must or should not do … until we find a vaccine,” he added.

The French authorities took a health plan to tackle any second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, which included three main points, starting from preventing the spread of the virus by respecting the social distance and wearing protective masks and washing hands with sterile liquid.

Besides, France has made the conduct of large-scale medical examinations in hospitals and pharmacies to detect potential injuries, a priority. And also to provide all health supplies necessary to meet any emergency, by providing adequate medical examination analyzes and protective masks.

A mandatory decision to wear masks in enclosed public places in France came into effect on Monday, 20 July 2020, in an attempt to prevent the re-spread of the Corona virus.

France 24 / AFP



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