France denies banning Huawei | The delegation


The French cyber security agency (ANSSI) announced that the equipment of “Huawei”, the Chinese telecommunications company, will not be banned in France, but urged French companies to avoid relying on them.

“I can say that there will be no comprehensive ban,” IAEA chief Guillaume Popar said in a statement to the French newspaper “Les Echos” on Sunday.

He added that “companies that do not use” Huawei “equipment currently, we urge them to refrain

About doing that. ”
He continued: “As for those who use it, we will give them licenses for periods ranging from 3 to 8 years.”

He pointed out that the risks of using 5G equipment and techniques for communication by non-European suppliers are more than for European suppliers.

It should be noted that the French national operator, Orange, has been chosen

Use Nokia and Ericsson equipment.

The authorities ’decision would affect Bouygues Telecom and SFR, whose networks rely on Huawei equipment by about 50%.

The United States, which has taken measures against “Huawei” considering it “dangerous” to US national security, has urged its European allies to refrain from using “Huawei” products during the transition to the new 5G communications system, warning that these products may be used by China to spy, while “Huawei” denies the US charges against it.


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