For the first time in history … Russia exports liquefied gas as “molds”



Al Ain newsletter Agencies
Russia started exporting LNG from the Arctic as “frozen molds” for the first time in history.

Informed sources said that Japan and Taiwan are preparing to receive the first shipment of frozen gas produced by the Russian “Novatek Yamal” project on board the tankers known as “ARC7”.

Bloomberg News indicated that the “ARC7” tankers are designed to transport gas from the polar region covered by ice most of the year to the ports of the importing countries directly.

Before the emergence of the “ARC7” tankers, the gas was transported through icebreaking ships to be placed in conventional LNG tankers to be delivered to the ports of the importing countries in most of the North Asian countries.

Dealers in the LNG markets said that these shipments indicate that the import ports have overcome the challenges that prevented the reception of these new tankers and are likely to lead to an increase in sales of the Yamal LNG project.

According to maritime traffic tracking data, the tanker Georgi Ushakov, who left the Yamal port on June 14, is currently mooring at Yong An, Taiwan’s port, and is the first ARC7 carrier to arrive in Taiwan.

According to the data, the tanker, Vladimir Rossanov, who left Yamal on June 29, is currently standing outside Tokyo Bay in Japan.

When its cargo is unloaded, it will be the first ARC7-class vessel to carry frozen gas to Japan.


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