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Hyun Dipping’s wedding video, We follow with you through Al Ain news site the story of Hyun Al Ghimmas, who is one of the famous personalities on the Internet, and that topped the trend of media media today, after the spread of pictures in a marriage ceremony, which sparked great controversy in Saudi circles during the day, and a large number of citizens in Saudi Arabia are searching for a biography Its own subjectivity.

Video and photos of Hyun Ghimas’s wedding

Hyun Ghimmas’s mother posted a video through her personal profile on Snapchat, requesting that she delete the pictures of her joy, noting that her phone had been suspended and she could not delete the pictures due to a large number of contacts, and she also asked her followers to reduce Calling so that she can delete her bride’s photos, as a group of photos has spread with her and she is next to her husband, whom we have not yet identified.

Who is Hyun Dipping Wikipedia

Hyun Al Ghammas is one of the celebrities present on social media sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its page is about more than 3 million followers at least, she publishes a group of pictures and videos of her across the page, these images get a large number of likes, and it caused a stir Big right now, after I posted her photos and video of joy.

Hyun Al Ghammas operates a school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and some of our sources indicated that they are discussing some of the social issues that occur in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through their online pages on the Internet.

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