Firefox browser gets new security features for phone and computer data


Firefox officials decided to attract more users and introduce features that enhance the security of its data, and Mozilla, the developer of the browser, indicated that its experts decided to make changes to the versions of the browser working on phones and computers, and provided it with a feature of Mozilla VPN that enables users to use virtual networks to maintain confidentiality. Its data and browser data is confidential as is the case with Opera for example.

The important thing about this feature, according to its developers as well, is that it does not keep the user’s browsing data, and provides excellent speed during searches or reading sites or e-mail via the Internet, according to Russia today.

This service is available to users for a monthly subscription of $ 4.99, and it is currently available to Firefox users via Android devices or via computers running Windows systems, and in several countries including Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand, and it is expected that it will soon reach more countries.

Mozilla indicated that users can get this service through the company’s official website, or through, and promised that it will provide it for iOS devices as well.


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