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The exchange rates of the dollar against the pound recorded stability in the official dealings of Egyptian banks, on Sunday, where the exchange rate at the Central Bank of Egypt recorded 16.07 pounds for purchase and 16.20 pounds for sale.

The exchange rate at the National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr and Banque du Caire stabilized at 16.07 pounds for purchase and 16.17 pounds for sale, while the exchange rate at Bank of Alexandria recorded 16.08 pounds for purchase and 16.18 pounds for sale.

The exchange rate settled at the Commercial International Bank CIB, the Suez Canal Bank, the Housing and Development Bank, the Arab African Bank, HSBC and the Arab Bank, to record 16.09 pounds for purchase and 16.19 pounds for sale.

The foreign currency exchange rate settled at Credit Agricole Bank, United Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Kuwait National Bank, Bloom Bank and Audi Bank, to record 16.12 pounds for purchase and 16.22 pounds for sale, and the exchange rate at Al Baraka Bank reached 16.11 pounds for purchase and 16.21 pounds sale .

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