Film “Lumiere” award for the Belgian brothers Darden


Lyon The organizers of the Lumiere Film Awards announced that the two Belgian directors, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, will receive this award in the French city of Lyon this autumn, which is granted annually to a person who printed the seventh art.

The director of the “Lumière Institute” in Lyon (southeast France) and the general delegate of the Cannes Thierry Frémaux agency told AFP that the two brothers Darden, who produced 11 feature films, including “Rosetta” (1999) and “Lanvin” (2005), are distinguished that they have ” A vision of the world, style and conviction. ” They won the Palme d’Or at Cannes twice.

The award was awarded last year to American director Francis Ford Coppola, owner of the movie “Apocalypse Now.”

On the other hand, the festival, in its twelfth session, which will be held from 10 to 18 October, headed by director Bertrand Tavignier, will dedicate a tribute to the French screenwriter Michel Audiard who would have reached the hundred years this year if he were still alive, through Restoration of a large number of his films, in restored copies.

The festival program also includes a tribute to the works of the American director Clarence Brown, and a restoration of the films of the New York director Joan Micklin Silver.

The festival is witnessing previews of a number of feature films that were supposed to appear during the Cannes festival last May. His program also includes a portion of the shows that were scheduled within “Can Classics”.

The festival was held for the first time in the year 2009 in the street that witnessed the invention of the first cinematography in Lyon in 1895, and filming the first movie in history.

Since its inception, the festival has given prizes to major movie stars such as Clint Eastwood, Jane Fonda, Quentin Tarantino, Ken Loach, Miloosh Foreman, Gerard Depardieu, Martin Scorsserze, Catherine Deneuve and Pedro Almodovar (AFP)


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