FilGoal | News | The Egyptian responds to Tanta through in the Joule: they are surprised by their behavior


Tariq Al-Ashry, the Egyptian coach, said that Tanta was the one who asked for the cancellation of the friendly match that was scheduled to be held on Thursday between the two clubs.

Al-Ashry responded to the remarks of Tanta coach Ayman Al-Muzain, who said that the two clubs had agreed to cancel the match for fear of an outbreak of Corona virus. (See his comments)

El Ashry, the former coach of the Border Guard, Enppi and the Arab contractors, toldFilGoal.comWe did not agree with Tanta to cancel the match. Rather, they were the ones who asked for this, and we are surprised and surprised by this behavior.

“We are now coordinating with the pioneers of the army to play a friendly face instead of Tanta,” the former Alexandrian Federation player said.

“All Egyptian samples were negative, the team’s mission agent was isolated after it was found that he was infected with Corona virus. What happened to the war production is cause for concern (18 members of the team were injured in Corona), We wish them well. “

“The controversy will continue due to the lack of disclosure of the league match schedule, which nobody knows anything about. I will play against Zamalek at the start of the tournament resumption, when and where do I not know. Where is the regulation that clarifies how to deal with the state of military production? Will its matches be postponed as a matter of Example: What if the same problem occurs for a team and the championship is played? I am with the resumption of the league, but where are the rules, appointments and precautions?

The Egyptian Premier League teams are playing friendly matches in preparation for the resumption of the tournament on August 6.

Al-Masry will start its matches in the championship by facing its host Zamalek in a postponed match from round 14.

Then the team coach Tariq El-Ashry will play against the Border Guard, Ismaili, Al-Ittihad and Egypt Clearing House.

The Egyptian Football Association has not announced the dates of the league matches yet.

Al-Masry is 10th, with a score of 20.

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