FilGoal | News | Because of the clash with a fan .. Dyer was suspended 4 games and fined


The English Football Association has decided to stop Tottenham midfielder Eric Dyer and to be fined for the incident he was involved in after his team’s confrontation in the FA Cup against Norwich City.

Dyer was scheduled to be suspended 4 games and fined 40,000 pounds after climbing to the stands in order to engage a fan in defense of his brother after the 127-day match.

The penalty will be applied immediately, leaving Dyer on 4 of the remaining 5 games for his side in the Premier League season.

Dyer did not face any penalties by the British police, who ended the investigation days after the end of the game and decided not to charge any player to the English international.

The 26-year-old went to the stands after his team lost to Norwich City last March, after watching a fan attack his brother.

Security was forced to drive away the angry Dyer, but the video clip of the incident spread like wildfire on social media.

The local police were then forced to look into the incident and released a statement at the time saying: “The investigation is over, we will not press any charges or take any further action.”

Jose Mourinho’s coach, Jose Mourinho, commented on the incident: “The person who insulted Erik and his family was there. His younger brother was not happy with the situation and then Erik, I repeat, was not something we do as professionals but we may do in a situation like this.”

He continued, “I cannot say whether there was racism or not, I do not know. I only know Erik’s reaction and it was based on what happened with his brother. I did not like what was happening, I cannot speak in that direction with those details.”

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