FilGoal | News | Artita: Mourinho always finds his way to victory … We must learn and reduce our mistakes


Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has been keen to thank Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho, after the latter’s praise.

Tottenham defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the north London derby in the 35th round of the Premier League.

Mourinho came out unusually when he defeated Arsenal, with words of praise for Arteta, noting “Arsenal is getting better.” (See details)

In response to Mourinho, Arteta said: “I thank him for what he said. I can see what he is trying to do with Tottenham, and he succeeds in winning victories.”

“Mourinho has always known how to find his way to victory,” he added in his remarks at the press conference.

“I feel very disappointed and truly disappointed with the players. Tottenham forced us to disperse the ball, which is what we wanted, but in the end we received these goals.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Mistakes have a mental impact that is difficult and affects the general condition of everyone. We returned in the second half but we received a goal from a fixed ball. We have to learn and apologize to the masses for the loss.”

“If we reduce mistakes and play the same way, I am confident that we will achieve many victories,” he added.

“We have to learn. Simple things happen in every game, and these are points we have to learn from,” he said.

“On the points side, we received a strong blow for sure, but we will fight and try to the end, whether in the League or the England Cup,” he concluded.

Despite Arsenal dominating most of the match, and the acquisition rate reaching 82% for Arsenal, Jose Mourinho’s experience surpassed the youth of Miquel Artita, and the exceptional remained without any loss from Arsenal on the ground of any team that Mourinho trained.

Tottenham reached point 52 in eighth, while Arsenal’s balance at point 50 was frozen in ninth.

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