FIFA Council approves new amendments to penalty kicks due to camouflage


reveal International Football Association CouncilIFAB“On some changes to the penalty shootout in the penalty area for competitors in matches, according to what was published by the International Football Federation Council”IFABOn his official website, when the penalty kick is executed, “camouflage” is allowed while running on the ball to perform the kick, but upon reaching the ball the camouflage is not allowed at all with the goalkeeper’s goal.

وأكد “IFABIf the player is disguised in a penalty kick after running the ball, the player is penalized with a yellow card and the opponent gets an indirect free kick.

The Council of the International Federation of Football “FIFA”, has approved the application of a new law that allows clubs to make 5 substitutions per game instead of 3, after the resumption of the patrols last period, which was suspended for a long time due to the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging.

International Football Association Council


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