Feiler gives Al Ahly the green light to return to Azaru after his session with Al-Khatib


The Swiss coach, Rene Filer, gave Al-Ahly coach the management of his club represented by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club president and appointed by the council to manage the ball file. The value of the loan, and Al-Khatib held a session with Feiler during the past hours, which witnessed agreement on several issues, most notably the return of Walid Azaru and the discussion of the deals to be concluded by the club other than Taher Mohamed Taher, who was succeeded by the Ahly management in the Arab contractors starting from next season in addition to the files of the departed players and the loaned.

Al-Ahly management believes that return Walid Azzaro It would be a great addition to the team at the technical level, especially since the current attackers did not succeed in persuading Fyler, which forced the Swiss coach to employ Ajay in the striker’s explicit position, although it is not his original position.

Al-Ahly reached an agreement with Walid Azzaro to extend his contract with the Red Genie for a period of 3 years, and Al-Ahly sent an official letter to his Saudi counterpart, requesting the return of the Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro and not extending the loan until the end of the current “extraordinary” season, due to the lack of commitment of the Saudi club By paying the player’s dues and not the remaining dues of Al-Ahly for the deal, which made Al-Ahly’s administration refuse to extend the loan for several months, even though the intention was to agree to the extension after the loan ended on June 30, and Walid Azzaro’s contract with Al-Ahly ends at the end of next season, meaning he has the right to sign For any club next January without returning to Al-Ahly.

Walid Azzaro departed from Saudi Arabia during the past days after his loan was expired and the Al-Ahly administration refused to continue it. The player is currently in Morocco to spend a vacation with his family before returning to Cairo and participating in Al-Ahly training.


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