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Hamadallah responds strongly to reports of his involvement in the Belhanda deal.

Source: Editorial Team – Toss News

Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, the first soccer player in the club, replied Victory Al-Saudi reports that his club was prevented from signing Moroccan striker Younes Belhanda, the Turkish Galatasaray player.
“This is my message to all the cheap press, which writes that I am against the player’s deal in India … I want to tell them, fear God, you will ask about anything you write,” Hamadallah wrote via Story Instagram.
He continued: “As for the players’ assignments, there are people in the team who specialize in this matter, and I, like any player, do not have any involvement in this. Finally, I cannot stand in the livelihood of anyone how it was.”

Turkish press reports have claimed that the secret to stalling negotiations between Al-Nasr and Galatasaray over Yunus Belhanda’s transfer is Hamdallah’s refusal of the deal.

According to the well-known newspaper “fotomac”, it was Hamdallah who stopped negotiations between Victory and Galatasaray.

The newspaper pointed out that Abdel-Razzaq Hamdallah called for the victory administration to stop the negotiations, because he does not want Younis Belhanda to be with him on the team, because of the incident they had quarreled during the last African Nations Cup finals.

A dispute arose between Abdel-Razzaq Hamdallah and a number of the players of the Moroccan team prior to the start of the last African Nations Championship in Egypt, because of which the Al-Nasr striker left his country’s camp and did not participate in the championship.


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