Father of “Maghdour El-Jisr Swimming Pool” Hassan Dergham suspends his son’s burial until the identity of the killers is revealed


The father of the deceased youth reported Hassan Mohamed Said Dergham Who was killed in the incident that occurred near the bridge swimming pool by postponing his son’s burial ceremony, until the killers were revealed, and he said Dergham In a statement he gave to Al-Nahda News, “His son Hassan was not armed, and he was not from the team that went to the bridge pool. The 21-year-old was shot in the head while he was driving a motorcycle, and the photos and videos proved that he was not Holds no weapon.

In the details, the Dergham family said that advantage, He was going to meet with one of his relatives who was in the problem that happened near the pool while young men from Bir Hassan went to Salha, to correct forms that occurred at noon, and turned into a clash.

The family demanded that the competent authorities reveal the identity of the killers, especially since the bridge pool is equipped with surveillance cameras, showing hideous crime in all its details.

Mohamed Said Dergham, the father of the young man, demanded The betrayedThe authorities concerned with revealing the identity of the killers, stressing that his son Hassan, could not carry any weapons.


The Dergham family also called on the media to investigate the accuracy and not to anticipate the results of the investigation in promoting a false account, alleging that the deceased was armed, knowing that the family will take legal measures against everyone who publishes false rumors about the event.

Al-Nahda News – Beirut


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