Facebook provides screen sharing feature on the Messenger app for smartphones


The social network Facebook has announced a screen sharing feature that has become available in the Messenger application on smartphones.

The new feature will allow the user to share his device screen when calling a friend, in group chat or while participating in Messenger Rooms conversations.

Currently, anyone can share their phone screen, photo from camera roll, feed on their Instagram account or anything else with up to eight people in group chats or up to 16 people in Messenger Rooms.

Facebook said that it is expanding the feature so that the screen can be shared with about 50 people, and the new feature can be obtained when updating the Messenger application on your phone, whether it is Android or iPhone.

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To start sharing your phone screen, be sure to have the latest Messenger installed on your phone, then while making a call to someone else on the app, swipe from the bottom of the screen until you see the call options.

After that all you have to do is click on screen sharing and start sharing your smartphone screen, and before starting Facebook will alert you so that you do not share anything by mistake then you can move as you like on your phone and share what you want.

And the screen sharing feature is an important feature for many users because it will allow you to share photos in the camera album with the family or talk with your co-workers about the details of a project.

Although the screen sharing feature is still new to the Messenger app for smartphones, it has long been available with other video services such as Zoom and Skype.

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