Facebook founder threatens to fire one of his employees from work .. What is the reason?


Threatened Mark ZuckerbergCEO,FacebookLast June, a company employee was fired because of Bullying On his colleagues, as part of employee protests rejecting the “FacebookIn monitoring content published by US President Donald Trump.

“I was very concerned about the level of disrespect, and at times the scathing criticism that a lot of people in our inner community face each other as part of these discussions,” Mark said during a question-and-answer session inside the company.Buzzfeed News“.

Zuckerberg issued a decision to fire an employee who criticized him for not taking action against President Trump’s inflammatory posts in May, and company employees accused him of Facebook Political bias for Trump’s posts, which he refused to remove as Twitter did and claimed that it did not violate the policy of the platform.

It is reported that hundreds of employees are from a company FacebookThey organized a protest and stopped working last May to protest the company’s position on political discourse due to the lack of action against Trump’s inciting publications.

Zuckerberg replied that no decision had been made about Trump’s posts, claiming that they had not violated a policy Facebook Of incitement to violence, and it allows debate on the use of force by the state.

This comes as boycott groups continue toFacebook And accuse her of not taking serious decisions in dealing with the content of hate speech, as well as stopping the rumors and misleading her platform.

A number of civil rights groups were organized to boycott a campaign against a company Facebook She protested the way the company handled, stating that it had not committed to a timetable to eradicate hate speech and misinformation.

A large number of major companies withdrew their advertisements from Facebook, Including Verizon, the largest telecom company in the United States, which has spent about $ 2 million to advertise on websites Facebook Just last month, in addition to Unilever, one of the company’s largest advertisers, and others, the company lost about $ 7.2 billion in a few days.

Starbucks, Coca-Cola and other major international companies have also decided to join the boycott campaign due to the company’s lack of response to stopping hate speech.


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