Extending the decision of the 5 substitutions next season


The 5 relays will continue for another season (David Bustamante / Getty)

Council announced International Federation For football, for extended use Relays The five, during next season’s competitions until July 31 of 2021, and in international tournaments to be held in July and August of next year.

The council justified its decision to suspend football tournaments for a long time due to the Corona virus and then resume it, making the next season pressured in terms of matches, which affects the players..

This decision comes to help clubs in light of the abnormal conditions in which the world of football lives due to the spread of Corona virus around the world..

FIFA has announced earlier that the number of replacements has increased from 3 to 5, after returning from a 3-month hiatus due to the Corona epidemic..

FIFA has indicated that it has given local federations the option to implement the decision or not next season.



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