Expected revenues of $ 100 billion, jumping by Tesla Motors


After a move from GB Morgan Bank ..

Tesla shares rose by 6.3% today, after GB Morgan Bank raised the company’s share price target by 43%, and the increase in the company’s target price came to $ 1500 from 1050, after the company delivered Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in The second quarter is more than the expectations of GB Morgan.

The bank said in a research note issued today: “The target price is based on our belief that the company’s revenues will become 100 billion dollars by 2025.” And by the end of last year, the company achieved revenues of 24.6 billion dollars.

While the company’s delivery data has yet to appear in China, the company appears to be more successful in the US and Europe than GB Morgan believes.

And not only Tesla, it also extended to its competitor, the Chinese NIO, which appears to be gaining more market share, and the company’s shares, traded in the United States, rose by 23%.

Deutsche Bank raised Tesla’s target price to $ 1,000 from $ 900, and this was due to higher-than-expected deliveries.

The company’s valuations differ greatly among investment banks, as there are 9 recommendations to buy the stock, 11 recommendations to hold, and 16 recommendations to sell, and the average target price is $ 730 per share, according to Bloomberg data.

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