Exceptional features and technologies for the WhatsApp version on iPhone – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


Press reports revealed the launch of the most famous instant messaging application in the world, “WhatsApp”, an update of its version on the operating system “iOS” working on phones, “iPhone,” which includes exceptional features and technologies.

The Times News Now website indicated that the WhatsApp update for iPhone users should include a number of groundbreaking improvements.

The most notable improvement came, adding the contact shortcuts feature, which has been tested for a long time, and allows to place a shortcut for a particular chat for a specific contact on the user interface.

This feature allows you to see all changes to anything in the contact’s account that the shortcut was created for.

It also improved the new “WhatsApp” update in support of the “Voice Over” feature, which allows chatting to be archived and removed from the archive in an easy way as well.

It also enabled the application “WhatsApp” to change the usual colors of the application, by replacing the color of the old green bubble with an alternate color of degrees of green or even using the feature “dark mode”.

Meanwhile, Facebook-owned messaging platform announced that its animated stickers are now available to users.

WhatsApp confirmed that the animated stickers will be offered to all users in the coming days and available for download in the sticker store, and will also allow downloading animated stickers to third parties.

Source: Sputnik


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