European clubs are vacated for European seats


Vanguard clubs are seeking to score more points in their fiery struggle to qualify for the Champions League and European League, in the 33rd stage of the English Football League, after # Liverpool won the title battle for the first time in three decades.

After settling the “red” first card for the continental competition, Manchester City approached the second to settle it technically, not administratively, as it has to overturn the continental union’s decision to keep it away from European competitions two seasons because it violated the rules of fair financial play.

In the event of City being eliminated (66 points), the first continental competition will reach the third, fourth and fifth places, which means that the competition will be very fierce between Leicester City clubs (55 points), Chelsea (54), Manchester United (52) and Wolverhampton (52) The star of the comeback after the league stopped about three months ago due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus.

And at the conclusion of the previous stage Thursday, the overwhelming victory of Manchester City at home to Liverpool 4-0, after Spanish coach Pep Guardiola lined an honorary corridor, in honor of the hero players who won the title seven stages before the end of the league.

Al-Masry Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, who finished third in the scorers’ ranking, said that his team was divided between the desire to clinch the title last week by losing Manchester City to Chelsea or going to City and crowning there. He said: “I think everyone was excited to watch the match together ( Chelsea – Manchester City 2-1) Some players wanted to beat Manchester City and win the title there, while others said: No, let us win it and celebrate together.

“The feeling was great when Chelsea scored the second goal and we celebrated,” said the former Chelsea, Roma and Fiorentina Italians.

But City, the 2018 and 2019 champions, partly spoiled the celebrations of German coach Juergen Klopp, when Belgian Kevin de Bruyne, Rahim Sterling and teenager Phil Foden made a brilliant offer in which they settled the match in its first run.

Club said after the match: “Manchester City is an amazing team. I have followed their season, they did not play a bad game,” but he refused at the same time considering that Liverpool was living the euphoria of winning the title in his favor.

For his part, Guardiola said: “We won the champions, an exceptional team,” commenting that Liverpool was still in the mind of celebrating the victory, saying: “They drank large quantities of beer this week, but they got here and their blood is clean of beer. So I give my team a lot of appreciation. ”

Liverpool, who lost their Champions League title by leaving the final price against Atletico Madrid, will receive Aston Villa 18th on Saturday.

As for City, which is waiting for a fierce confrontation in the second leg of the Champions League final against Real Madrid, after defeating it in the back of its home 2-1, it will also be Sunday against Southampton XIV.

Despite relinquishing the Liverpool domestic league title, Guardiola saw that “wonderful things” awaiting his team at the end of the current season, as a strong match in the Cup semi-final against Arsenal is also waiting for him “I have faced many challenges, many in my career as a coach .. This is an additional challenge (Champions League) Everyone is talking about my big failure because I did not win the Champions League in Munich or here. ”

The strongest artillery-wolves

The stage is a strong match between Wolverhampton Six and Arsenal VIII.

Wolverhampton is making a fantastic comeback from Corona, winning three times in a row and 5 times in its last six games, and conceding in one of the last 8 league games.

As for Arsenal, who dreamed of approaching the five-goal lead (46 points), after two losses against City and Brighton, he regained his balance with two wins over Southampton and Norwich in light of the brilliance of his Gabonese striker Pierre Emeric Obamyang, top scorer of the scorers (19) equal with Jaime Vardi, top scorer of Leicester City.

In light of the news of a possible departure for Obamiang, 31, whose contract expires in June 2021, his Spanish coach, Mikel Arteta, said: “As a team we cannot sell our best player, then we try to bring others and improve our team. Again we do not know what the market will be. I feel that Oppa will continue with us and continue to develop himself and help us to become a better team. ”

Arteta praised the Spanish winger Wolverhampton Rapid Adama Traore, who offers great levels in the lineup of Portuguese coach Nuno Espírito Santo “I have always seen incredible possibilities, at the moment when he can develop some aspects of his game it will be impossible to stop it at times.”

The injured Lester seeks to stop the bleeding after failing to achieve any victory after the return, when he receives the 12th Crystal Palace, while Chelsea tries to forget his painful loss in the last moments in front of West Ham (2-3), when he receives Watford seventeenth, who did not win in the last four Matches.

The focus is on Manchester United, who is making a fantastic comeback like Wolverhampton. The men of Norwegian coach Olli Gunnar Solskjaer, who have not lost in the last 8 games, receive Bournemouth and the bottom summer on Saturday.

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