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The King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center (enrichment) has opened registration for participation in a public invitation program for emerging artists in its second session, which allows the field for Saudi artists and residents interested in practicing the artworks participating in it, where ten selected artists will have an exceptional opportunity to enroll in a virtual training program for five days Under the leadership of experts in the artistic field, and with the participation of the winner in the 2019 edition of the program, artist “Aziz Jamal”.

The winning artist will also have the opportunity to produce a new artwork to be displayed at the upcoming Contemporary Art Exhibition at the “Enrichment Center” with a number of local and international artists. The virtual program will include discussions on the state of contemporary art in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world, and best professional practices.

The conditions for applying to the program for which registration is closed on Monday 12 Muharram 1442 AH, corresponding to August 31, 2020, include that the applicants are Saudis or residents in Saudi Arabia for a period of no less than 10 years, and that their ages exceed 18 years, and the applicants can be alone or within a group Artists can register through the Ithraa website, and the winners will be announced next December.

In this context, the director of the museum at the Leila El Faddag Center explained that, culturally, the world is passing through a historic moment, in light of facing this international community chaos resulting from the global epidemic, as culture has become more important than ever, and this is one of many reasons That makes contemporary art in the Kingdom so important today.

“The winner of this competition will produce a new artwork that will be displayed at an exhibition of contemporary art organized by” Ethraa “next to well-known local and international artists. Therefore, this program is a very unique opportunity to discover new talents in the arts, especially the” enriching “center is considered a platform Global, contribute to discovering new talents and opening horizons of creativity for them.


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