English Premier League News Guardiola: Now the preparation for Real Madrid has begun and this is Aguero’s position


Happy with this ending ..

Pep Guardiola, technical director confirmed For Manchester City, That his team will start preparing for Real Madrid tomorrow, Monday, after freeing the Premier League competitions, while praising his late player, David Silva.

During the last round of the Premiership, Silva appeared in the Norwich match and was replaced, so everyone saluted him for minutes non-stop after announcing that this was his last season in the Citizens shirt.

The Spanish international is still his next destination unknown, as he receives attention from his former club Valencia and a number of other Spanish clubs along with concrete offers from Japan and America as well.

Guardiola began his talk about Silva saying, “It was the smallest permanent greeting ever, it belongs to the one who really deserves it. The players have shown due gratitude for what he did in the amazing years here, we just wanted to thank him.”

“Real Madrid are in a different tournament, we have two weeks to prepare, tomorrow we will start recovering and preparing for this match, we will reach it in the best condition and try to win. Aguero? I don’t think he can play,” he added, speaking of the Champions Summit.

After the Norwich match, Silva himself spoke to the press saying, “It was emotional, the people here are wonderful, I have worked with them for 10 years and I have a special relationship with them, I love them and I will miss them all.”

He continued, “Certainly I am proud of my career in the English Premier League and to win many titles and the way we won, I am a lucky man, so I had many beautiful moments such as this last minute too.”

“I will miss everything here, even the weather and the weather, too. I hope we can win the Champions League, it is unfortunate that we play without an audience but the safety of people is the most important thing.”

It is worth noting that City will face Real Madrid In the second leg of the final price of Champions League This August, at the Etihad Stadium after winning back in the Santiago Bernabeu with two goals to one.


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